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The adoption triad is the connection between the birth family, the adoptive family, and the child. Each member(s) of the adoption triad is important and responsible for showing love and respect to the other members of the triad.

The Adoption Triad

On the smallest scale, the “adoption triad” refers to the three parties directly involved in adoption: birth mother, adoptive parents, and child. Some widen the meaning of the triad to include birth family, adoptive family, …
There are many methods to explore when deciding to adopt a baby. Learn about your options and different routes you can take to adopt a baby.

How Do I Adopt A Baby?

Making the decision to expand your family is an incredibly exciting choice. There is nothing more rewarding than becoming a parent regardless if you’re just starting out or adding to an already established family unit. …
These 15 popular and inspirational quotes about adoption hit close to home. Inspiration quotes will encourage, inspire, and help you feel connected with others in the adoption community.

15 Popular Adoption Quotes

When you are walking your own adoption journey, whether you’re in the process of deciding “yes” or “no,” or waiting for your adoption finalization, sometimes you just need some encouragement along the way. One of …